Located on the fringe of the Brisbane CBD, our campus operates to support students who are not thriving in conventional school. This campus supports the unique needs of disengaged students by providing smaller classes and a more personalised and flexible curriculum.

Like all our campuses, we offer a safe, caring environment with a no tolerance to bullying. This environment provides students with the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Our Senior Program gives students the opportunity to complete a QCE. It involves Mathematics, English, Recreational Studies, Social Communication Studies, Agricultural Practices and a range of VET, TAFE and School Based Traineeship opportunities.

Our Junior Program incorporates students studying English, Mathematics and a different ACARA subject each term, along with numerous elective experiences. Students also have the opportunity to participate in Inquiry/Project based learning.

Developing skills in the use of technology is essential and we provide our students access to the self-paced ‘Microsoft Imagine Academy’, enabling them to acquire accreditation and skills for the future.

Visual & Creative Arts is another key focus area developing at Spring Hill campus, providing students the opportunity to explore and express their creative flair.


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