Arethusa College is an independent school, catering for Years 7 to 12, that has been established to meet the needs of students who for numerous reasons, are not fitting into the mainstream education system.

Our aim is to create school communities that facilitate Real Connections, Real Learning and Real Futures.

Arethusa College offers a safe, caring environment for students to experience positive educational outcomes. We take a flexible and innovative approach to support each student with their individual learning needs and a program tailored specifically to them. You will find that Arethusa College is more than just a school. We are a community, who supports each young person to dream, investigate, explore, and reach their potential.

With locations across South-East Queensland, each campus is different and has its own flavour, catering for its position.


Arethusa College is a project of Equipping for Life Ltd and takes its name from the historic Training Ship Arethusa, a redundant naval vessel which was used by Shaftesbury Homes for training young people in the UK from 1868-1974.

The philosophy and aims of Arethusa College have been built on a Christian foundation – our College doesn’t teach religion or religious subjects but embraces Christian principles based on respect, good morals and worthwhile values.  We value diversity and welcome people of all faiths or no faith. The Christian principles that we subscribe to are firmly embedded into our programs and the work that we do. Our heritage and our Christian ethos allow us to work together as a cohesive team to offer the best opportunities for the students attending the college.


Our staff are committed to providing support and guidance to the young people who we work with. If you’d like more information or wish to meet with the staff of an individual campus, please email or call 07 2000 0200.