At Arethusa College we affirm the intrinsic value and enormous potential in all young people so therefore we commit to…

Believe in our students, Expect great things of them and for them, and to Celebrate them.

We will believe in our students (every day), until they can believe in themselves and then believe in others.

We will raise the bar and expect of our students, until they can expect of themselves and step towards the exciting possibilities that surround them.

We will celebrate our students as they grow, until they can celebrate their lives and their journey and then be a part of celebrating those around them.


At Arethusa College our vision is to lead the way in engaging students in exceptional, lifelong, educational journeys within communities that meet the students where they are at; empowering and equipping them to reach their full potential.

We do this by creating educational communities, innovative programs, that facilitate Real Connections, Real Learning and Real Futures.


Arethusa’s values acknowledge that we are inspired and empowered by the love of Christ and His Kingdom. That we, as an organisation, are motivated to do what we do because of what Christ has done for us, and we do it for the outcomes and benefit of the students we serve. We do this so that they can become all that they were created to be.