At Arethusa College, we believe our students are capable of successfully completing their senior schooling. Our staff are a dedicated and supportive team, who believe in our students’ ability. We expect that students engage in learning, attend all classes, and work towards completing their required workload. We like to celebrate our students’ completion of work and successful outcomes. We have a dedicated team to support students in:

  • Career Advice and Goal setting.
  • Work Experience.
  • External VET course information and enrolments.
  • School based traineeships and apprenticeships.
  • Activities that assist in the development of students reaching their goals on their SET plans.

Arethusa College offers curriculum and vocational pathways, which provide opportunity for students to obtain their Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) by the end of Year 12. This pathway involves completing up to 5 core subjects. The QCE is Queensland’s Senior School qualification, which is awarded to eligible students, often at the end of Year 12. The QCE recognises broad learning options and offers flexibility in what, where and when learning occurs. To be awarded a QCE, students must have at least 20 credit points in the required pattern and fulfil literacy and numeracy minimum requirements.

The Independent Project pathway is an alternate option; however, does not provide opportunity for students to gain the full 20 QCE credit points. Students have a total of 9 years, 7 years after Year 12 is completed, to complete their 20 credit points and obtain their QCE if this option is chosen.

The Queensland Certificate of Individual Achievement (QCIA) is a pathway for students with learning difficulties or special needs. Only specific students will be eligible for this pathway and teachers will discuss this with relevant stakeholders during the SET Plan meeting.