At Arethusa College we offer students from Years 7 to 12, alternative educational and vocational pathways to assist them to experience positive educational outcomes. Taking a flexible and innovative approach to education, we empower young people and prepare them for life now and for the future.

Students at Arethusa College will find it is more than just a school. We are a community, who supports each young person to dream, investigate, explore and reach their potential.

Arethusa College respects and encourages difference. We know and understand that all of our students are unique. They have different backgrounds, ways of learning, goals for the future, skills and strengths. We are committed to helping students find their strengths, achieve their goals, and to value their own uniqueness.

With locations across South-East Queensland, each campus is different and has its own flavour, catering for its position.

Students must go through a referral process before applying for enrolment at Arethusa College.

Welcome To Our Community





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