Our Adventure Academy, located at The Bay campus, is a unique and highly individualised program which gives students exciting and innovative opportunities to learn outside of the traditional classroom environment.

Students challenge themselves and build their leadership skills and qualities in a range of outdoor adventure activities that include wilderness camps, treks, sailing, and canoeing experiences.

The Arethusa Adventure Academy promotes learning in a fun and engaging manner, as is the Arethusa way, while specifically targeting students who are drawn to the outdoors, adventure, and hands-on active learning.

Students in this program are encouraged to take healthy risks while promoting and facilitating self-reliance, decision making and improved social and communication skills, as students constantly move outside their comfort zones. Arethusa Adventure Academy enables students to learn about sustainable futures (local, national and global), learn to collaborate for positive outcomes for all, and grow in self-confidence and individual capacity to learn.

Subject content is aligned with the Australian Curriculum and is delivered through a real-world adventure lens. Learning is hands-on and highly contextualised towards the outdoors and adventure.


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