This is a new Multi-Disciplinary Team for students years 7-10  who need home visiting, distance/online learning or learning in the community; until such time that the student is able to attend on site.

The Anywhere Learning Team has been created to support students who are falling between the cracks and are unable to be well supported even by a traditional Special Assistance School model; the students who need something highly individualised and personalised outside of a school setting, to get them back on track.

This includes the students who, for a multitude of reasons, are unsafe to attend Arethusa (or any school) on site. It includes the students who are too anxious to leave their homes, require home visits or need to build relationship with staff before we could consider bringing them to school. It includes the students who need such a flexible timetable and learning plan that we need to consider radical means to re-engage them with learning such as taking them to community venues of interest.

Our aim is to plan with the student and their care givers around what the student needs, however that might look. That might mean linking them with a program or service that we are aware of that isn’t our College. It might mean enrolling the student for a short time only until they are back on their feet with a view to them re-enrolling in the mainstream.

We are happy to chat and answer any questions. The Anywhere Learning team has grown out of our strong desire to see all students engaged in exciting learning, however these students require it.


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