Regional Principal

Peter has five kids, eight grandkids and a history of fostering children. He has previously taught Indigenous Education in the Northern Territory and has run residential programs for Year 9 students, on a dairy farm! Peter wants his students to know their value and feel loved by those around them. He loves that Arethusa provides students with the opportunity to grow and make a difference.
Fun fact: Peter was a passionate water polo player until his mid-20’s. 

Principal at Maroochydore

Marcelle was inspired to become a teacher after seeing the impact that support and non-judgmental listening can have on young people. He has taught in several countries including South Africa, New Zealand and Australia! Marcelle is a great listener that is loved by his staff and students. We are so grateful to have him on our team!

Principal of Forest Lake

Eryn is passionate about showing students the love and care that they need to succeed. Before Arethusa, she was in the Australian Army and traveled the world teaching. Eryn loves adventure and has been skydiving and driven race cars.

Deputy Head of Teaching and Learning

Kat loves working with young people to help them find out who they are and grow in their strengths. Kat genuinely cares about students and believes that they can do amazing things. Before becoming a teacher, Kat worked as a VET nurse and a personal carer. Kat brings that experience into our college through her passion for using dogs to assist students. Kat firmly believes that dogs can make an incredible difference in students lives.


Kym is a mother of two that loves working with youth. She is passionate about making a difference in a child’s journey by helping them find their inner happiness. Kym loves seeing students faces light up when they begin to enjoy school again.

Fun Fact: Although Kym has always worked in schools, she does have her qualifications in beauty therapy. 

If you would like to learn more about enrolments or take a tour of an Arethusa campus, Kym would love to chat with you! Call us today on 1300 720 371

Head of Inclusive Education

Stacey is passionate about seeing students come alive through relationships and learning. The passion of her grade 8 English teacher inspired her to begin a career in education. She loves thinking outside of the box to provide innovative solutions to learning. Stacey believes that Arethusa provides a unique learning experience that encourages students to be the best of the best.

Executive Principal 

Lisa has been Arethusa’s Executive Principal since January of 2019. She is passionate about teaching, learning and seeing all students succeed. Lisa wants Arethusa to be a place that grows all facets of a child: intellectually, socially, emotionally, spiritually, physically, their creativity, their interests and their gifts. Lisa believes that the well educated child knows who they are, how they learn and how to work well with others. 

To Lisa, being an educator and shaping the minds of the future is a privilege!

CEO of Arethusa College 

  Mick is committed to ‘doing school differently’ and empowering staff and students to follow their passions, because every young person deserves the best. As our CEO, Mick leads the Arethusa team in our strategic vision to believe in our students, expect great things and celebrate our students; because they are worthy of being celebrated.…