Deception Bay Director of Culture and Wellbeing

Nick is passionate about empowering students to reach their fullest potential. His favourite thing about working for Arethusa is developing relationships with young people. A fun fact about Nick is that he has a background in Chaplaincy and loves working with young people.

Business Hub Receptionist 

You may know Tracey as the happy voice that greets you whenever you call Arethusa College. In fact, Tracey’s positive and fun-loving attitude make her the master of first impressions!  Tracey’s favourite thing about working for Arethusa College is talking to parents and making sure that they feel heard and welcome.
Fun fact: Tracey often gets in trouble for laughing too loud!

Deputy Principal at Spring Hill

Tash is an avid triathlete that has competed in multiple events, including the Ironman 70.3. In her spare time, Tash acts as an Ambassador, promoting and encouraging women to get into sport. However, Tash’s greatest passion is supporting young people by helping them gain self-confidence and motivation. Tash has lived out this passion in schools both in Australia and New Zealand over the past 20 years.

Deputy Principal and Senior Teacher at Montague Road

Kat loves working with young people to help them find out who they are and grow in their strengths. Kat genuinely cares about her students and believes that they can do amazing things. Before becoming a teacher, Kat worked as a VET nurse and a personal carer. Kat brings that experience into our college through her passion for using dogs to assist students. Kat firmly believes that dogs can make an incredible difference in students lives.

Deputy Principal at Deception Bay

If we could only use one word to describe Donna, it would be creative. In fact, before becoming the Deception Bay Deputy Principal, Donna spent 15 years teaching art at Nudgee College. Donna is passionate about re-engaging young people through creative exploration. She lives out this passion everyday through her work at Arethusa College and her ownership of Rebel Creative, a business that encourages people to find their own creative path.

Head of Arethusa Adventure Academy 

Roy is passionate about engaging with young people and enjoys combining wilderness camps with learning. Before joining our College, Roy served within a small, specialised military unit and raised three children with his wife. Roy had no intention of serving at Arethusa College. However, one day he visited to gain advise about combining wilderness camps and education. He was offered a job and committed to one year.  This was 6 years ago! Roy has revolutionized our Adventure Academy and is an integral member of our team.

Campus Therapy Dog

We want to introduce the cutest member of the Arethusa team, Arya the Campus Therapy Dog! Arya is a 6-year-old Blue Merie Border Collie that enjoys long walks on the beach, eating kangaroo and hanging out with young people. Her superpower is the ability to find the most anxious person in the room and love them! 

She is currently based at the Montague Road campus and has been working for Arethusa since 2018. Arya is beloved by both the Arethusa students and staff for her cheery personality and bright smile.